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NEWS, FEB 2014:" The bespoke-tailored version of our "Be Your Best Self" programme designed to help the unemployed, funded by the DWP shines helping job-seekers, beats targets by 170%" - see Press Release

NEWS, APRIL 2014Support our campaign to help the unemployed, read all about in the feature in Metro newspaper! Our sector-leading programme is all set! We all know people who are unemployed. Emergence is 3-15x more effective at getting them back into work. Help us raise up to £ 100,000 to carry on this work - campaign coming soon. #LetsGetBritainWorking !


In these competitive times rising to the challenges of the day requires great strength and resilience. Rediscover yours at Emergence.

Using techniques to accelerate heightened self-awareness, after only a single session you could leave feeling up-lifted, recharged and ready to tackle a specific goal with a strengthened perspective and renewed vigour.

Our scientific approach measures a broad range of strengths and traits, gives honest feedback and helps clients rediscover their positive qualities. Through one-to-one consultation clients discover how much more they could enjoy life, achieving greater success by focusing on their strengths in career decisions, interpersonal relationships and lifestyle choices. Strengths not weaknesses define who we are. We all have strengths: we'll discover them, and how you can best use them.

The power to make change for the better starts with honest understanding, collaborative evaluation and strategic planning. Isn't it about time you stopped to consider your wellbeing and your future?

Take a moment to:

  • Focus on yourself; rediscover what makes you great, and the potential you're underutilising
  • Get honest, scientific feedback that can help you recharge energy levels to tackle challenges with more passion and determination, building optimisim and increasing resilience
  • Review and make small changes to the "simple rules" that govern your life decisions, so that you can see the big differences they make to the complex circumstances you may want to change in your life
  • Reflect, review, plan and work for a better and brigther future... without getting caught in a pessimistic feedback cycle. At Emergence, we work towards achieving what we call a Virtuous Feedback Cycle, where increased self-awareness leads to self-empowerment, determination, taking action, and the satsfaction and happiness of having taken steps to be your best self.

1 sessionSingle Goal Single Session

One aim: to provide you with a simple solution to a single issue, simple to work with and in-line with your strengths and values. A single deeply immersive 90 minute session identifies your key strengths from which we select one to work with to help you achieve your specific goal...


4 sessionsStrengths & Goals Package

Maybe you have a set of objectives and need a strategic plan to get there? Over 4+ sessions we'll identify these, your strengths, and the simple rules that can transform outcomes with coaching style support through the process...


9 sessionsBe Your Best Self Package

Over 9+ sessions we will perform a detailed personal review using cutting-edge scientific questionnaires and focus on enhancing your self-awareness, empowering you to transform your life extensively...


bespoke packagesBespoke Personal & Organisational Change Packages

We offer bespoke consultancy services aimed at revealing and building on an individual's or organisation's key strengths and identify ways forward in a solutions-focused manner, incorporating wellbeing and resilience at the heart of our approach in flexible ways to suit bespoke needs...


It's really quite simple: Emergence help clients grow and transform their lives in positive ways - by focusing on their Strengths to make simple changes that make a big difference.