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About Julian Alexander

Julian Alexander's unique consultancy model which he has termed Cultivated Emergence combines Applied Positive Psychology with an integrative multi-disciplinary strengths-oriented approach meshed with the science of Emergence Theory. He develops programmes which deliver innovative cutting-edge solutions with measurable results for clients, both at a personal level and with teams and organisations who seek to make positive changes through increased self-awareness, wellbeing, satisfaction, and resilience.

Julian Alexander is an ILM Certified Coach and holds certificates and diplomas in coaching and counselling, has studied hypnotherapy. He also holds an MSc (Merit) in Applied Positive Psychology.

He is the Associate Editor and Publisher of Positive Psychology Quarterly and has contributed to Marketing Week, Barron's, and Fortune Magazine amongst others, along with having published and edited his own travel and lifestyle magazines in the past. Julian has extensive business experience, especially in the publishing, media, marketing, technology and service-oriented arenas and will understand your needs and requirements clearly and quickly after an initial consultation.

Clients benefit from a bespoke, integrative approach drawn from a deep, rich solutions-focused toolbox unlike any other. Julian recognises each client's needs are unique and offers a no-commitment initial consultation to ensure a good understanding from the outset, leading to the right package for the client.

  • My clients tend to be curious, self-aware, reflective individuals/organisations seeking change, the opportunity for self development and improved decision making processes, especially important in today's challenging environment.

  • Due to my background, my service resonates especially well with those living and operating in an urban environment. Fast living and busy lives leave little room for growth, development and positive change. I know how difficult it is to force yourself to slow down, breath deeply and take stock, and my approach - whether a single-session or a longer package - ensures you'll find the process inspiring and empowering, and not just another "to-do" in your diary.

  • My passion is identifying strengths and facilitating their use to achieve truly remarkable positive outcomes. True strength comes from within, and our work together will uncover yours, allowing you to tap into your full potential.

  • Simply, emergence is about going on a quest to discover your strengths, identify your emotinal wellbeing and the rules you live by that either hold you back, or empower you to make things happen. Seize the moment, and be your best self.