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Scientifically proven models

Scientifically proven models are at the core of our success

Examples of personal development tools proven to produce results

Realise2 Strengths Test


The purpose of Realise2 is to help you identify and develop your strengths, at the same time as moderating your learned behaviours and minimising your weaknesses.

Wheel Of Life


The purpose of the Wheel of Life is to divide your life into eight different segments, on which you can mark on a scale of 1-10 your level of satisfaction. It gives insight into where you need to focus.

VIA Character Strengths Profile


The VIA report is intended to be a deep dive into the character strengths of an individual. The aim of a consultation based in character strengths is to help the client create an awareness of what's best about themselves and others, and to assist them in embracing and using these strengths. With this heightened awareness they will be better positioned to build positive relationships, discover deeper happiness, and achieve their life goals.

Positive Psychology tools from Penn State


One of the leading institutions in the field of Positive Psychology is Penn State in the USA. Their outstanding variety of questionnaires availbale on-site measure traits such as Positive & Negative Emotions, Wellbeing, Satisfaction with Life, Sense of Optimism, and many more, which we use in consultations with our clients. Completed by hundreds of thousands of people, these questionnaires have been scientifically validated. Rather than host the questionnaires on our own site, we prefer to use Penn State's, as they compile the results into their database adding to the collective understanding of the broader population so comparisons with the norm can be made; this data is invaluable for future research and we're proud to help contribute to it.