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How it works

A step-by-step guide

Moving forward step by step.

The Process:

  1. Questing - It's beyond exploring. It's a search for meaning, purpose and opportunity.
  2. Strengths - We identify and uncover strengths and discover the personal benefits and benefits for the workplace of working through the three steps to re-discovering strengths with established scientifc analysis tools such as the 'VIA Strengths Test' & 'Wheel of Life' evaluations. Then you'll grasp the power of your strengths.
  3. Feelings - Establishing how you live your life by testing: emotional wellbeing, engagement with life, life satisfaction
  4. Rules - Decision-making and goal-setting by uncovering simple rules which guide your decision making, taking action, making simple changes that make big differences
  5. The Virtuous Feedback Cycle - The ultimate goal, leading to: Self-Awareness, Optimism, Realising there are opportunities, accepting those are Achievable, discovering Meaning, finding Purpose, taking Actions, Feedback from actions, Affirmation from results, developing the Resilience & Grit to continue. The Cycle leads to Flow & Flourishing, Growth & Development, and the enthusiasm to continue onwards and upwards as the Cycle enriches and rewards your life.
  6. Reassessing - Periodically the rules are reassessed to ensure they are still fit for purpose. Rules, like clothes, can grow to small or fit badly once you have outgrown them. They need to be reassessed and redesigned from time to time to ensure your ongoing personal development isn't restricted.