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Strengths-based development

Your unrealised strengths are your unrealised potential. Identify them and become your best self. At Emergence, our strengths-based development programmes turn personal and organisational growth into a science.

The power of working with strengths

"Strengths are positive traits a person owns, celebrates and exercises."*

Nevertheless, they are frequently unrecognised and unexploited.

*Source: Lewis, 2011

Using them helps:

  • Encourage insight and perspective
  • Bring about self awareness
  • Help develop confidence and enthusiasm
  • Generate a sense of vitality
  • Act as a buffer against stress
  • Build resilience and determination
  • Increase recognition of life's opportunities
  • Generate positive emotions and wellbeing
  • Lead to positive outcomes
  • We have developed a unique, integrative consulting model to help you on your quest to find not just happiness and success, but deeper meaning and purpose in life.
  • Through a guided process of questionnaires and strengths tests you will discover how much more you can achieve.
  • Our consulting sessions will result in you finding core strengths, abilities and potential to combine so you can thrive, flourish to be your best self.