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2. Thinking about your wellbeing

In Stage Two we think about your wellbeing and how you choose to live your life, using structured questionnaires to gain insight into your feelings, emotions, and motivation. Following on from the Strengths questionnaire, by the end of this stage we have a clear view of your potential, your outlook, what motivates you, and what holds you back.

Establishing how you live your life

4. Emotional wellbeing
  • Depression Questionnaire
  • Positive & Negative Emotions Questionnaire
  • Gratitude survey
  • Correlation of VIA strengths & current emotional wellbeing

Defining your current state of emotional wellbeing & happiness.

5. Engagement with life
  • Optimism test
  • Work-Life-Satisfaction test
  • Close Relationships test
  • Ways of Coping test
  • Discussion of the four tests in correlation to the VIA strengths test

Are you engaging with life, or are there areas where you are holding back?

6. Life Satisfaction
  • Meaning of Life test
  • Approach to Happiness test
  • Satisfaction with Life test
  • Correlation between life satisfaction and VIA strengths questionnaire.

How satisfied are you with your life as it stands right now?