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1. There are just three stages to this process, beginning with Strengths

The first stage: an analysis and discussion of your strengths. A three-step process, all completed in the first consultation session.

Uncovering your strengths

1. Setting the right mood
  • The first consultation builds mutual understanding and self-awareness by discussing matters which may arise.
  • Creates a trusting relationship
  • Builds rapport
  • Arouses positive expectations

A working relationship

2. Initial analysis
  • Describing the process
  • Explaining strengths
  • Building tolerance
  • Showing positive regard
  • Demonstrating the relevance of strengths to personal development

Appreciation of the process

3. Identifying Strengths
  • VIA Strengths test analysis
  • Discussion of sentiments while doing the tests
  • Discussion of the results
  • Re-iterating the importance of focusing on your strengths
  • Seek validation of the results

Grasping the power of strengths