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Our Programmes

Emergence help clients grow and transform their lives in positive ways - by focusing on their Strengths to make simple changes that make a big differences. Browse our programmes options below, or get in touch to discuss tailor made options to suit your requirements.

1 sessionSingle Goal Single Session

One aim: to provide you with a simple solution to a single issue, simple to work with and in-line with your strengths and values. A single immersive 90 minute session identifies your key strengths from which we select one to work with to help you achieve your specific goal. You'll be able to do this after one session, by deploying one simple rule which will immediately impact your life. Simple rules, outstanding outcomes. You'll come to understand the power of working with your strengths, not against your weaknesses.

Is there something you'd like a simple solution to? Contact us for a no-fee consultation to see if this approach is suitable for you.


4 sessionsStrengths & Goals Package

Maybe you have a set of objectives and need a strategic plan to get there? Over 4+ sessions we'll identify these, your strengths, and the simple rules you can use to help you get where you want to be.

This approach is designed around a coaching process. It identifies simple rules to work with your strengths, determine goals and set targets with a timeline and is very popular with solutions-focused people in search of specific outcomes; particularly those seeking professional development.

The result is a strategy to achieving your goals, a granular and detailed understanding of your strengths; where and how you should be deploying them; what your objectives are and how and when you will achieve them.


9 sessionsBe Your Best Self Package

Over 9+ sessions we will perform a detailed personal review using cutting-edge scientific questionnaires, and focus on enhancing your self-awareness to the point where your self-development will take on a life of its own, leading to a Virtuous Feedback Cycle of constant improvement, changing the simple rules you use every day to make decisions with the goal of transforming your life extensively.

You'll uncover your key Strengths, establish and improve your emotional state of mind, attitude and engagement with life by utilising a series of 11 scientifically validated tests and evaluations. This will give rise to a better relationship with yourself, increased self-awareness, optimism, and a sense of meaning and purpose in life. As we broaden and build on the progress made earlier in the program this will in turn lead to optimism about the future, and the determiniation and reslience to rise to life's challenges and become your best self, benefitting from higher self-esteem and self-confidence: a stronger person ready to seek out and seize new challenges and opportunities.


bespoke packagesBespoke Personal & Organisational Change Packages

We offer bespoke consultancy services aimed at revealing and building on an individual's or organisation's key strengths and identify ways forward in a solutions-focused manner, incorporating wellbeing and resilience at the heart of our approach.

For individuals, this could mean incorporating counselling, coaching, or therapy into our programmes. It could also mean addressing specific areas above and beyond a holistic "whole person" approach. It's up to you to decide what you'd like us to help you be. We;ll work out a programme with you, to suit you.

For organisations, unlike the complication and expense of working with top-heavy time-intensive traditional consultancies, we take the approach that often, small and simple changes can ignite far-reaching positive growth, benefitting from the combination the science of Positive Psychology offers with Emergence Theory's notions of applying simple rules to achieve positive change - an approach greater than just the sum of its parts. This unique and revolutionary approach cuts the cost of traditional consultancy and delivers results, fast.