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Scale of Charges

We want to ensure you make the most of our time for your money. We've packed as much as is feasible into our individual programmes to give you as rich and deep an experience as possible.

Summary of packages and
fees for one-on-one consultancy

Three simple packages, or bespoke plans for individuals and organisations on request

icon-1-session.jpgSingle Goal Session

  • One session - you seek a simple goal, a particular outcome.
  • You take a strengths questionnaire in your own time, before we meet, so we can start straight away and not waste any valuable time.
  • We look at your goal, and examine your circumstaces and environment.
  • We define one simple rule you will use in conjunction with the strength you choose to work with to achieve your goal.
  • The benefit should be immediate positive impact.


icon-4-sessions.jpgStrengths & Goals

  • 4+ sessions to uncover your full strengths and set achievable goals.
  • A multi-goal and more explorative package involving working with multiple strengths and rules to take a holistic view and empower you to succeed in your objectives.
  • During the process you'll discover new goals and find inspiration you hadn't thought of before. We'll explore these together.
  • Similar to a coaching model.


icon-9-sessions.jpgBe Your Best Self package

  • 9+ sessions incorporating all the processes and benefits of the other two packages.
  • Establish/improve your emotional wellbeing, attitude to life, and engagement with life, utilising a series of scientifically validated questionnaires.
  • Develop a better relationship and understanding of yourself to achieve enhanced self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Trigger the self-reinforcing Virtuous Feedback Cycle.
  • Open the door to ongoing and life-long personal & professional development


Please note each session is 50 minutes in duration. This site had a system failure and the prices above should read:

  • 180 Pounds for the double-length Single Goal session
  • 110 Pounds for the first four Strengths & Goals sessions, and 95 Pounds / session thereafter
  • 135 Pounds for the first four "Best Self" package, and 95 Pounds / session
Discounts available:
10% for bookings of 4+ sessions and paid for in advance.
15% for bookings of 8+ sessions and paid for in advance.