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Cultivated Emergence: using Emergence Theory to deliver the positive outcomes you seek - without the unpredictability

Complex outcomes arise from the interaction of simple rules

About Emergence
  • In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns - and thus people - grow and develop out of a combination of relatively simple rules, interacting over time.
  • Think of the way you make decisions. You have rules - ethics - morals - principles - habits - you use to make these decisions.
  • These are your simple rules.
Emergence Theory
  • Suggests the outcome of growth cannot be predicted because the result of the interaction of those simple rules cannot be foreseen. Life is full of unexpected outcomes.
  • Outcomes from growth arising from these simple rules interacting might be positive, negative, benign, useful, or irrelevant.
  • However, like a vine, growth can be cultivated.

Cultivated Emergence Theory is our unique application of Emergence Theory in the context of Positive Psychology's strengths-oriented approach to be your best self.