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Emergence: so how do we use these simple rules?



Cultivated Emergence is our unique application of Emergence Theory in the context of Positive Psychology's strengths-oriented personal development approach.

  • It operates on the the notion that the identification and application of simple rules can lead to desired positive outcomes by cultivating growth.
  • It is a dynamic forward-looking model incorporating the two sciences of Emergence Theory and Positive Psychology.
  • As a unique and structured process, it is an approach designed to assist personal and professional development in individuals & organisations alike.
  • The building of deep and broad self-awareness helps ensure the longevity of its benefits


Together we will identify, build on and use the strengths you already have to achieve the results you want.

You have gained insight and control of the rules which guide the decisions and actions you take through understanding yourself better after building self-awareness.



Now you will make your own rules, gain control of your life, and achieve the outcomes you want.

It's that simple. Just like the rules say.